Data and tooling to enrich your Business

Get detailed insights, reports and alerts into how your ecommerce seller business is doing. Connect Takealot, Amazon, WooCommerce and Shopify.

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Multi-channel seller dashboard and tooling, built to simplify multi-channel ecommerce businesses.

Get detailed insight into your Takealot seller business which will help you scale, make sure you're not low on stock and find your top products.

Summary Metrics

Access all important sales data at a glance

Inventory Tracking

Access all important sales data at a glance

Sales Reports

Receive regular emails summarizing all important sales data


View all important sales filtered for a given time period (day, week, month, and more)

Sync Stock

Sync stock levels between your different sales channels

Team Members

Link multiple user accounts to your organisation

Stay on top of stock levels

Manage inventory with real-time stock level updates. Our sales prediction algorithm provides a more accurate estimation of how many days cover you have at Takealot distribution centres. Recommended replenishments and supplier orders make it easy to maintain healthy stock covers.

“SellerDashboard makes managing stock for my Takealot business easy. The tool tells me what stock I need to order and what I need to replenish at the Takealot distribution centres.”

Distribution Manager, HobbiesForAll
Takealot Seller Dashboard Stock Level interface

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